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Salt! Salt! Cocktail Salt!

Discover why adding cocktail salt or saline to your cocktails is a game changer. Adding cocktail salt to your drinks can transform their flavor profiles. Get expert tips for salt rimming your glasses like a pro! Plus our favorite Margarita recipe!

What Do You Drink in Mexico?

What do you drink in Mexico?I really thought it would be Margaritas. I had visions of fresh lime, good tequila, and the bite of a good salt. nd do you know what my favorites were? Palomas - Tequila and Fresca. So much that I also made them when I came...

Hail M’s Easy Holiday Gift Guide for Cocktail Lovers

The Holiday Season is a time for gift giving, parties and enjoying delightful cocktails. Explore Hail M’s curated gift guide to finding the perfect gift for the cocktail enthusiast in your life.

Infuse and Amuse: Margaritas & Popsicles a Perfect Match!

Join a cocktail caper where Margaritas buddy up with popsicles in a frosty infusion party! Discover the secret behind crafting the quirkiest, coolest drinks this summer. It's all about fun, flavor, and fantastic sips. Dive into the Popsicle-Packed Margarita Extravaganza now!"

5 Refreshing Citrus Cocktails to Try this Season Featuring Limes, Lemons, Blood Oranges, and Kumquats from Your Local Farmer’s Market

Citrus fruits add a burst of flavor and refreshment to any cocktail. With their bright, zesty, and tangy flavors, they are the perfect ingredient to mix with your favorite spirit to create a delightful and uplifting drink. This season, try these five citrus cocktails featuring limes, lemons, blood oranges, and...

Trick or Treat? Your cocktail should always be a treat!

Quick and easy Halloween Drinks!  Halloween Drinks don’t have to be full of crazy ingredients to be fun and festive. Halloween cocktails can still be high quality craft cocktails!  Many people add food coloring or strange ingredients to craft a holiday cocktail, but you just end up with poor drinks...

How Did I End Up Here?

It really did start with a great Margarita.  So simple.  3 ingredients.  OK not just 3 ingredients - 3 great ingredients.  Good Tequila, fresh lime juice and Cointreau.  I still come back to this again and again and again.  And yes -  the fresh lime juice matters ..... more