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Hail M makes small batch, artisanal Cocktail Syrups, Mixes, Bitters and Garnishes.  All by hand and all by me - Mary.

“Sip & Shake “ cocktail classes, Custom Cocktail Kits and Gifts and Catering services.


“No great story ever starts with salad!” 


This story starts with a Margarita.

Once I learned that Margaritas did not start with mix from a bottle there was no going back.  That lead to Blood Orange Margaritas or what soon became Maryritas!  Travel for work lead me to Kentucky where I fell in love with Bourbon, followed by a tech job in New York and neverending research across some fantastic bars.

Ok all of that is true.  But what really happened - is that people kept asking me to make Margaritas for parties. I started catering, got some mixology training and started making syrups and bitters.

I love learning about new ingredients and flavor pairings. I am lucky enough to get amazing flavor coaching from chef friends.  In Southern California I have access to amazing Farmer’s Markets year round for inspiration and ingredients.  Between that and my garden, I started creating Farm to Bar cocktails and ingredients.

Here we go!  What can we make together?

If you would like to discuss a custom kit, event or catering, please reach out to me.  I’d love to chat