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Customer Comments

Custom Kits

Hail M is the bomb! I needed to create a way to keep clients and prospective business associates engaged during the pandemic. Mary at Hail M took the time to work with me on what to include in the kit, picking syrups, researching the nicest but most cost effective bar essentials and recipe cards to create an amazing cocktail experience in a box. All I can say is they were an enormous hit with everyone! They left a lasting impression that actually made our company stand out from our competition for doing something so fun and creative. I can’t recommend Hail M enough for those looking to create unique drink kits, flavored syrups, crafted bitters, beautiful garnishes or anything associated with a wonderful drinking experience.

-Brian - music agent

Syrups & Bitters

HailM syrups and bitters have shaken me out of my boring go-to vodka soda routine and opened up a new world of cocktails at home for me! I have tried several of her products, and guided with her fun and simple recipe cards, have been able to make delicious cocktails that I would have never attempted on my own. Her products arrive in a timely manner and are very well packaged – they even come in glass bottles that are easy to recycle! If you are looking to up your cocktail game and have some fun – look no further!

-Jessy - advertising executive

Bridal Party Gifts

HailM has the best cocktails around. Mary is extremely easy to work with, communicative, accommodating, and gives great suggestions. Her cocktails are not only the best you’ll ever have, but also super inventive and fun! She did a customized cocktail kit for our bridal party and everyone loved them and help get everyone super excited for our future wedding. Everything was so detail oriented, from the packaging to the notes inside, it was all a great touch and can’t wait to have her make custom cocktails for our wedding!

-Daniela - bride

Team Building

After attending a previous event, I knew Mary was the right person to help me put together a holiday event for my team at work.  I wanted to create an elevated experience that would closely resemble the in person cocktail parties we’d typically have as an end of year thank you.  Mary curated a personalized box for each participant, helping me select beautiful barware that complimented the Bourbon Night themed Zoom party.  I was able to send some hand written thank you notes that Mary inserted into each box before sending out across the country.  It was this special detail – Mary’s idea! – that added the extra personalization I was looking for.  The party was a hit and we had a really great time.  I know I’ll look to Mary to help me host events in the future – and hopefully in person one day as well!

-Katherine - finance executive


I am so grateful for the Shake and Sip Margarita party you did for our high school fundraiser.  It’s the first party I have ever thrown where I had to do very little other than make some snack foods.  I loved that you came to my home ahead of my guests fully prepared with glasses, shakers, jiggers, decor and of course your craft cocktail supplies including the beautiful homemade garnishes.  My co-hosts and party guests had a really fun time and I’m looking forward to hosting another party to ring in the Spring!

-Ellynne - coo domestic affairs