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Hail M Cocktails

Small Batch Cocktail Syrups, Infusions, Bitters, Custom Cocktail Kits and Classes

Citrus Cocktails

5 Tangy Citrus Cocktails

Cocktail Infusions

Old Fashioned

Great for Gifts & Travel


Single Infusion Bags for Spirits & Water

Custom Cocktail Kits

Let me create a Custom Cocktail Kit for you or choose from my selection

Small Batch & Hand Made

Market Fresh Ingredients

Here's Where it Starts

Hail M Likes A Good Cocktail

Looking to up your cocktail game?

I got you.

I make Infusions, seasonal small batch Syrups and Bitters for craft cocktails. I believe you drink with your eyes, nose and mouth! That means great ingredients combined to make a balanced cocktail.   My ingredients and offerings are seasonal, market fresh, local when possible and made in small runs – by me! So shop now! 
Get that bar car set and let’s start creating your signature cocktails

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