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Turn Your Hotel Room into a Craft Cocktail Bar

Cocktail Infusions

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Hail M Cocktails

Small Batch Cocktail Syrups, Infusions, Bitters, Custom Cocktail Kits and Classes


Single Infusion Bags for Spirits & Water

Custom Cocktail Kits

Let me create a Custom Cocktail Kit for you or choose from my selection

New Travel Infusion

Moscow Mule Travel Infusion Kit

Moscow Mule Infusion

Hail M Likes a Good Cocktail

It's in the Bag

Simplify and enhance your cocktail experience with Hail M’s
unique single use cocktail and beverage infusions.Β  Whether you're on the go, staying in a hotel, 30,000 feet in the air or even at home, Hail M's hand-crafted infusions will transform your mini bar, in-flight drink, or home setup into a craft cocktail haven within just 5 minutes. Hail M sources farm-fresh fruits, flowers, and spices for each infusion flavor. These lightweight and beautiful infusions are designed to revolutionize your drinking
ritual. Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying heavy bottles or complicated mixing – Hail M's infusions, with their delightful ingredients, conveniently
slip into your bag, and your glass, ready to enhance your favorite spirits or beverages.
Elevate your drinking game today and embark on a journey of flavor innovation with Hail M's delicious infusions!

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