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Why Drink a Bad Drink?

Ever wondered why anyone would willingly drink a bad cocktail? People do it all the time. Cocktails and mocktails should be treats, indulgent and delightful, like a cupcake. Not something you tolerate. Great drinks are easier to make than you think, and everyone (over 21) should be able to enjoy them anytime, anywhere.

The frustration of traveling and suffering bad cocktails inspired me to create Hail M Infusions. Picture this: I was commuting between LA and NYC weekly. On my Friday flight home, I craved a nice cocktail, but it seemed impossible. Even in first class, I was served the same mediocre drinks as those in coach – the only difference was the glass.

Now you can upgrade the most basic drink to a craft cocktail.  Here’s how:


Add an Old Fashioned Infusion, and you have everything in an Old Fashioned (spirit, sugar, bitters, orange, and cherry). Want to be fancy? Try the Citrus Old Fashioneds. The Blueberry, Lemon and Lavender mix is amazing, especially in summer.

Gin and Tonic (G&T)

A G&T is pretty basic, but with a Gin Delights infusion, your gin gets infused with Strawberry and Hibiscus, turning it into a delicious pink drink.


Stick with a Vodka Soda and add a Grapefruit or Blueberry Lemon Infusion from Vodka Delights. You’ll get a luscious, low-cal cocktail with no added sugar. Or, take it up a notch with Mile High Mules: vodka, ginger ale, and your Mile High Infusion for a minty mule with a ginger kick!

Moscow Mule Cocktail Travel Kit


Who doesn’t love a Paloma? Take your tequila, add a Grapefruit and Hibiscus infusion from your Tequila Delights box, mix in a little Sprite, and you’ve got a beautiful Pink Paloma.

Happy Trails to You

Hail M Cocktail and Mocktail Infusions are handmade with natural, whole fruits and herbs. I still make the bitters by hand, driven by my flight-induced frustration.

There you go! Now you have the Origin Story.  It’s that easy. Enjoy your flight or that hotel mini bar – you deserve it!

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