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Hail M’s Easy Holiday Gift Guide for Cocktail Lovers

The Holiday Season is a time for gift giving, parties and enjoying delightful cocktails. Explore Hail M’s curated gift guide to finding the perfect gift for the cocktail enthusiast in your life.

Hail M Moscow Mule Travel Infusion 

Business Travelers – Upgrade jet-setting friends and family’s  travel with Hail M Travel Cocktail Infusion Kits.  It can be very hard on an airplane or in a hotel room to relax with a great cocktail.  You can upgrade any minibar or airplane trolley with a Hail M Travel Infusion.  Beautiful tea bags that infuse delicious flavors into the most basic cocktails.  Light weight and TSA compliant!

Hail M Dried Citrus Hostess Gift

Hostess Gifts – Tis’ the Season for a good party!  If you are on the festive party circuit and you don’t want to go in empty handed, bring your host a lovely packaged of dried citrus.  They smell amazing and add a pop for cocktails and charcuterie plates.  Who’s not going to smile when you bring them this?

Hail M Peach Old Fashioned Infusion 

Bourbon Lovers – The Old Fashioned is giving the Margarita a run for it’s money in terms of favorite cocktails ordered in bars.  It’s a deceptively simple drink – spirit, sweet, bitter, water.  So much can go wrong!  Not with an Old Fashioned Infusion bag from Hail M.  Drop the infusion bag in Bourbon.  Give it about 5 minutes, add ice and you are ready to sip a beautifully balanced Old Fashioned.  You can add something unique by choosing a Flavor Sampler – which adds a unique twist.

 Fans of the Margarita – Literally the most popular cocktail in the world!  You can help the Margarita aficionado in your life elevate the most basic Margarita with unique Margarita Salts.  They add an extra pop of color and flavor to any tequila drink.  Try the Butterfly Pea Flower – which changes from a pale lavender to bright pink as you sip.  The confetti effect of the Spring Flowers.

Mixology Books – OK I will admit I do not have any restraint when it comes to a good cocktail book!  I often times re-visit old favorites and am inspired to try new cocktails.  Some of my favorite are Death & Company’s Cocktail Codex, Drinking with Chickens, Smuggler’s Cove and Bar Chef.


Hardware – yes I said “Hardware”.  You can make a drink on the fly with a spoon and a jar – but they do come out better with proper tools.  You need a good jigger to measure (pro tip – make sure it is marked inside) and a good shaker to conduct the cold.  Try a Cobbler Shaker – they have the strainer built in!  Finally a Bar Spoon.  If you are making a spirit forward stirred drink – this is your go-to tool (after your jigger!).

There you go!  Support Small Business!  Happy Shopping!  Happy Holidays!

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