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Trick or Treat? Your cocktail should always be a treat!

Quick and easy Halloween Drinks!  Halloween Drinks don’t have to be full of crazy ingredients to be fun and festive. Halloween cocktails can still be high quality craft cocktails! 

Many people add food coloring or strange ingredients to craft a holiday cocktail, but you just end up with poor drinks and weird looking  teeth. Here’s how you can make some fun Halloween drinks.

OK my favorite is really the Midnight Margarita or the Zomb-a-rita, both are which are delicious!  It’s going to sound funny but Charcoal actually be makes a  great  simple syrup.  The flavor is neutral and it will turn your drink an inky black.   It will turn any drink that calls for Simple Syrup into a tasty ink black cocktail. I always make this syrup in a limited run for Halloween and it sells out!  Here’s how you make an inky black Midnight Margarita!

Midnight Margarita Midnight Margarita
.25 oz of Triple Sec
.5 oz Hail M Midnight Syrup
.75 oz Fresh Lime Juice
1.5 oz Silver Tequila

Shake with ice and you can serve "up" or over ice.

You drink with your eyes – so don’t forget to garnish!  Garnishing is great way to express your creativity and fun!   You can garnish a black cocktail with anything bright.   I like to use Blood Orange slices or Pomegranate seeds – also known as Zombie Brain bits!  You can also garnish with fresh flowers – like Marigolds.

It’s a Margarita – so you can also garnish with salt.  Try a bright salt around half the rim.  I like Marigold salt, it’s such a pretty golden color in contrast to the deep color  of the cocktail.  The deep earthy scent of the cinnamon, turmeric and flowers smells great as you sip.

But wait – there’s more! You can make another Margarita!   How about a Zomb-a-rita?  Well it’s the same idea as the Midnight Margarita - except you swap out the Midnight syrup for the vibrant tart red of Hibiscus Flower syrup to get that lovely deep red.  If you tap your glass, the Zombies will come running!  Again this will work most cocktails that call for simple syrup.

Let’s make something other than a margarita – how about a Whiskey Sour, I mean Zombie Sour with the Hibiscus Syrup. 

Zombie Sour
.75 oz Lemon Juice
.75 oz Hail MHibiscus Flower Syrup
1.5 oz Bourbon or Rye
Shake with ice and you can serve "up" or over ice. (I like it "up')

 If you are feeling like a pro, you can add an egg white or Aquafaba.  If you do, Dry Shake (no ice) 30 seconds – hard with all of your ingredients.   Add ice and shake it, until you hear it get quiet.  Yes – quiet!  Strain and serve straight up.   If you need to pick up your foam, you can add a splash of club soda.  You can also serve this cocktail over ice! 

Why add egg?  Do you have to?  No certainly not – you’ll still have a great cocktail.   But the egg white will add a lovely silky smooth texture to your cocktail.  Don’t be intimidated by this, it is really spectacular.  Not too sure about the egg white?  Here’s a pro-substitute, try Aquafaba.  You’ll see this in a lot of high end bars now.  Aquafaba is the liquid you find in a can of chickpeas and is a great substitute if you want to make your drink vegan and still get that rich luxurious mouth feel of a proper Whiskey Sour!

The garnish for this cocktail can be as simple as an eyeball, I mean cherry. 

If you have kids, the Witch’s Elixir (Butterfly Pea Flower) syrup is a magic potion that kids can add to their drinks and watch it magically transform from deep blue or purple to pink!  It’s always a crowd pleaser.  It’s great in a lemonade.  And who’s to say you don’t add a little vodka to the lemonade for adults?

Magic Elixir
1 oz Lemon Juice
1 oz Hail M Witch Elixir
2 oz Water

Shake hard with ice and serve over ice. 

You can garnish this so many fun things… really all of the drinks.   Think gummy brains and eyeballs…. Or worms crawling out of the top of your glass!

These cocktail syrups can used in any classic cocktails that call for a simple syrup.  You can find the Butterfly Pea Flower and Hibiscus syrups regularly in my store.  The Midnight syrup is only available in the limited Halloween Cocktail Syrup package.  They will brighten the flavor profile and make your cocktail party super fun!   Party for 2 or 200 – it works!  Holiday drinks should be fun and festive, but not so fun that they taste horrible!


Happy Halloween!

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