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Timeless Charm of the Old Fashioned Cocktail: A Flavorful Classic that Travels

I really love Old Fashioneds.  Often times it is how a judge a bar or a bartender.  The Old Fashioned cocktail, is a timeless classic that continues to captivate cocktail enthusiasts and casual sippers alike. The Old Fashioned has a rich history and balanced flavor profile that makes it a classic to enjoy wherever your travels take you. Discover why the Old Fashioned is a perfect companion for any occasion home or away, from planes and trains to hotels and camping trips.

Origin Story

Dating back to the early 19th century, the Old Fashioned cocktail is one of the oldest known mixed drinks, with its roots tracing back to not surprisingly, Louisville, Kentucky. Crafted to enhance the natural flavors of whiskey, this potent yet simple recipe quickly gained popularity, becoming a staple in bars across America.

Old Fashioned Travel Infusion on Airplane

Whiskey Choices

While bourbon whiskey is the traditional choice for an Old Fashioned, you can experiment with other whiskey variations such as rye or Japanese whisky to infuse a unique twist into your drink. The choice of bitters also plays a crucial role in shaping the cocktail's flavor profile. Classic Angostura bitters are a popular choice, don't hesitate to explore other aromatic bitters they can really change the flavor profile of your cocktail.

New Flavors – Old Fashioned Fun

One of the captivating aspects of the Old Fashioned lies in its versatility. Hail M Traditional Old Fashioned Infusions, crafted with demerara sugar, handmade  bitters, dried orange and cherry, offer a convenient way to mix a great cocktail while traveling. These travel-friendly infusions come in various flavor profiles, perfectly complementing the caramel and vanilla notes of bourbon. Give them a try and add a personalized touch to your Old Fashioned.


The Old Fashioned cocktail has stood the test of time for many reasons. Its simplicity and nostalgic allure resonate with seasoned cocktail aficionados and newcomers to mixology alike. The pleasing blend of flavors—a touch of sweetness from the sugar, a hint of bitterness from the bitters, and the warm embrace of whiskey—creates a well-balanced and sophisticated drinking experience. Whether you're enjoying it at home or embarking on work or vacation travels, the Old Fashioned's refined character makes it a versatile and delightful choice.

Peach Old Fashioned Travel Infusion and Small Bottle of Whisky

Embrace the charm of the Old Fashioned cocktail, a flavorful classic that has delighted taste buds for decades. From its simple  origins to its versatile nature, this drink continues to captivate both seasoned cocktail enthusiasts and those new to the world of mixology. Whether sipping at a craft cocktail bar or enjoying a travel-infused version on the go, the Old Fashioned remains an iconic libation. Cheers to the enduring legacy of the Old Fashioned!

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