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30,000 Infusions Can’t be Wrong – Let’s Go 2024!

I like to say “It’s in the bag”.  Well this year it was. I just wanted to write a quick post to say Thank You for purchasing from Hail M Cocktails helping me build my business!  This was the year of the Travel Infusion for me.  We made 30,000 bags – by hand!  That’s a lot of fruit, sugar, bitters and cocktails!

What are people buying?  Well they are definitely enjoying the Traditional Old Fashioneds!  I mean if you love an Old Fashioned – especially while traveling – it doesn’t get any easier than a single infusion bag, your favorite Bourbon and ice! Airplanes, Hotels, Camping or your Couch!  People also enjoyed the fancy flavored Old Fashioneds, purchasing the Fruit and Citrus Flavor Samplers.

Old Fashioned Cocktail Infusions

I had to ask for some help this year.  I could not dry all of the fruit, so I order quite a bit from Arnett Farms here in California and I still go to the local Farmer's Market to pick it up. I now get a lot of my citrus from Blue Henry out in Maryland.  Yes – I said Maryland.  Adrienne Walker owns Blue Henry and I really loved connecting with another female owned business.  We had some funny conversations this November and December as we were both scrambling with orders.  Adrienne really helped my out and we had some good giggles while in the Holiday weeds! Connections like this really help me not feel so alone in my small business adventure!

I do still make all of the bitters by hand in my kitchen.  It’s a labor of love. I use a combination of fresh and dried ingredients and I really enjoy it.

Moving out of Old Fashioneds and Bourbon and into Vodka!  So many people were asking me which of the fruit infusions to try that I created three new boxes – Gin Delights, Tequila Delights and Vodka Delights.   Hail M customers purchased the Vodka Delights more than the others followed in a dead heat by the Tequila Delights and Gin Delights!  Let's see what happens this year!

Cocktail Infusions - Single Use

This year also saw the introduction of the Mile High Mules which turned out to be a big hit, at the end of the year.  This is my favorite Travel Infusion!  It’s totally versatile  and forgiving in terms of spirit choice and makes a great mocktail!  The Traditional was the bestselling flavor followed closely Flavor Sampler packs. And finally in December – just in time for Dry January the Mocktail Delights launched!

What’s on deck?  More travel, more sailing, more cocktails and more flavors of course.  I am very excited to explore Asian flavor profiles and somehow – I gotta get my Tiki on!  So please keep in touch – I love to hear from you.

Cheers to 2024!

Hail M – Oh wait that’s me!  Mary!

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