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Mile High Mules - Orange is the New Mule Travel Kit

Mile High Mule Cocktail Infusion Kit – the ultimate companion for business travelers, travel enthusiasts, hotel adventurers, and cocktail lovers everywhere! Bad airplane cocktail carts and sad minibars are a thing of the past. These individual infusions are hand made with farm fresh ingredients designed to bring the zesty flavors of lime, refreshing mint, and fiery ginger straight to your glass.

Upgrade your cocktail experience while traveling. All you need is your favorite spirit – go traditional with vodka (but bourbon or tequila are great options as well), ginger ale or a ginger beer and finally ice.

Each infusion takes about 5 mins to open up. Just drop an infusion bag into your favor spirit and let it steep. Add ice and top with ginger ale or ginger beer and you are set to sip. If you want an alcohol free drink – just add it to the ginger ale or ginger beer for a tasty sipper.

Orange is the New Mules are handmade with lime, orange, ginger, mint, cardamom and all spice - perfect for those who appreciate a great cocktail, even on the go. It promises to transform your cocktail experience into a flavor-packed journey. Whether you're jetting off on a business trip, lounging in a luxurious hotel, or looking for the perfect gift, this kit is your passport to mixology perfection.

Unleash the tantalizing flavor of lime as it mingles with the subtle coolness of mint, creating a refreshing harmony that dances on your taste buds. With just the right amount of kick, our ginger infusion adds a spicy twist to your Moscow Mule, elevating it to new levels of enjoyment.

Two infusion bags per box. Try all four to really switch it up!

• Orange is the New Mule – Lime, Orange, Ginger, Mint, Cardamom, Allspice

Convenience is the key. Designed with travelers in mind, it features a compact and travel-friendly size, making it an ideal companion for airplanes, hotels, or any adventure you embark upon. It’s light weight and TSA compliant. No need to compromise on quality or taste when you're away from home – simply pack our kit and enjoy the ultimate Moscow Mule experience wherever you may be.

Mile High Moscow Mule Cocktail Infusion Kits make a fun, thoughtful and exciting gift for friends, family, or colleagues. With its eye-catching packaging and carefully selected ingredients, it's a unique present that will make any cocktail enthusiast's heart skip a beat.

Mile High Mules - Orange is the New Mule Travel Kit